Premises Standards Review

The Premises Standards were first introduced in 2011 which saw some major changes to how building accessibility would be addressed. It was earmarked for a review within 5 years, and last week the Government released the details of this review and their response.

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There is quite a bit to read through and I must admit I haven’t poured over it deeply as yet. However, I have found the recommendations very interesting!

While implementing the Premises Standards has meant an improvement to accessibility, it has also meant many have been disgruntled because of the requirements imposed. This review was a chance for all affected to have their say – both positive and negative – about the impact this legislation has had. I am surprised to an extent that the recommendations which have come from the review are mainly to clarify interpretations and resolve differences from other legislation.

So for now there really will be no major change to the content in terms of accessibility requirements.

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