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and access management plans

The Australian Human Rights Commission presents action plans as a way for an organisation to document how they intend to minimise discrimination. While initially intended with regard to accessing services, there is scope for action plans to address access to premises and demonstrate the commitment of an organisation to upgrade facilities to meet DDA obligations.

It is often our recommendation that an access action plan is prepared where a building contains elements non-compliant with current standards, even where the Premises Standards do not require certain upgrades. An action plan is typically prepared and/or endorsed by the building occupants/owners and we can consult with you on practical strategies to minimise your risk under the DDA.

An access management plan may be relied upon in the development of a performance solutions. A variation from Deemed-to-Satisfy requirements may be permitted if compliance with the relevant Performance Requirement is achieved and in some cases, this will involve organisational policies and procedures to supplement physical building elements. Again, it is typically expected that the plan be drafted or accepted by the organisation and it remains their responsibility to ensure its ongoing implementation and suitability.