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The Livable Housing Design Guidelines commenced on a voluntary basis in 2013 and, given the reluctant uptake, the 2015 revision of SEPP 65 now refers in its associated Apartment Design Guide to 20% of residential apartments being designed to silver level.

Many of the livable housing projects we have been involved in to date have been associated with NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) funding and requested livable housing elements to platinum level. A number of community housing and disability service providers have also opted to seek livable housing certification for promotional purposes to formally recognise the universal design elements adopted to accommodate their target market.

Livable housing is also encouraged as an optimal approach to suit people throughout the life cycle such as parents with prams, people with a disability and the ageing population, offering homes which are safer, more comfortable and easier to access and adapt.

For assessments at design and as-built stages, please contact us.