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Previously known as an alternative solution, the BCA 2016 nominates a Performance Solution as an acceptable approach to compliance. This method will demonstrate how compliance with the relevant Performance Requirement is achieved despite varying from the Deemed-to-Satisfy (DTS) Provisions. This enables flexibility with design to suit specific needs of the occupants for whom a standard prescriptive solution may be unsatisfactory for a range of reasons.

This approach stems from the discipline of fire engineering whereby new technologies and the relationship between the occupants and building can be drawn upon to develop a solution which either complies with the performance requirement or is at least equivalent to the DTS Provisions (BCA A0.3). The BCA lists a range of assessment methods and of these, we commonly use expert judgement and comparison to DTS Provisions.

In some cases, this will rely upon organisational procedures, or a management plan, to supplement physical building elements. It is typically expected that the plan be drafted or accepted by the organisation, and it remains their responsibility to ensure its ongoing implementation and suitability.